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“no two people…

May 27, 2012

“they would never remember a time when forever wouldn’t be long enough” ~ unknown author

kiara and joshua ~ a couple full of whimsy and music together with brilliant hope for their future! they remind me of this verse in psalm 85:10 ~ “love and truth meet in the street, right living and whole living embrace and kiss!” {the message}. there is a story that God is waiting to tell through their coming together and continual living in His deliverance. o my they are fun to be around!! if love could be a contagious thing ~~~

It is so nice to open a blog with an engagement… a happy, flexible, young couple who tolerated shooting at various times through a 106 degree day in Texas! Special circumstances surround Kaitlyn and Austin. As I write this Kaitlyn has hopefully landed safely with her family in the Philippines and Austin is back to the training/school of the Marines. Their early life will be much the same… when Austin is in the states, Kaitlyn will be with him. Upon his deployment, she will return to be with her family. Their home will be what they are as a couple verses what most American couples have in a structure. How often do we really get to capture a love story in that the aspect of ‘home’ is so secondary. They are years beyond age in this very apparent confidence and trust. While creating a story board for the photo shoot, this is what I kept coming back to – the home of Kaitlyn and Austin will be built differently. It is a place I want to visit again and I feel sure will draw many other people in. It is my hope that I have captured their strength and their love and home free of the boundaries of walls or place… as simple as the Texas fields they embrace ~ thanks to a little help from the movie, UP!

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