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“dreams are nothing more than wishes and a wish is just a dream you wish to come true.
if only i could have a puppy
i’d call myself so very lucky
just to have some company
so share a cup of tea with me.
i’d take my puppy everywhere
lalalala i wouldn’t care
we would stay away from crowds
with signs that say no dogs allowed
O we…. we’d be so happy to be… together”
{the puppy song, harry nilsson}

Alyssa came to me in the moment of when these puppies were just a potential… saying, “Well, she might be pregnant and if she is i want you to do our pictures when the puppies are about 3 weeks old! i am actually in a sabbatical moment evaluating all of this photography business… but puppies… please, who could resist. i have never done an animal shoot, but thoughts of posing rushed into my head and i said yes. softie that i am.

here you indeed find that puppies were conceived and plentifully so! belle is pretty brilliant at hunting i’m told ~ and a good first time mama! she let me handle these pups and move them any which way i wanted.

i need to say a word here about alyssa and ryan ~ a complete opposites-attract kind of couple! alyssa couldn’t be any more girlie and adorable, feminine {in that perfect sheer mint green blouse} and sweet… ryan, the hunter, is as the word would describe! a texas man who didn’t want to have too much to do with those balloons. BUT somewhere underneath all that brave, strong, guy exterior, there was a piece of his heart that enjoyed blessing his wife with this session. you can see it in his eyes… and he also loves his hunting companion, belle. so for those ladies in his life ~ here is one very cute spring puppy photoshoot!