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the very picturesque baker family enjoyed an evening at the circus.. you would have thought through the eyes of their 5 yr old son, brody, that this was the real deal. “you never can know a man unless you put yourself in their shoes and walk around.” isn’t that the wise quote from Atticus in to kill a mockingbird? as i worked through this session i wanted to do that with brody’s shoes. i have never had as captivated an audience as this young boy. watch his face through the shoot and i guarantee the same joy i felt. the look of total commitment to the moment… the family played. i clicked away. from sketches to shoot, every single thing worked. amazing!!!

seriously watching the “show”!! believe it or not it was a 60 degree evening with some wind.. we wanted these little guys to be barefoot. with this look you would never know there was momentary resistance at first, BUT between games and circus treats, there was not a complaint from beginning to end! [bribery is awesome] these little brothers are the BEST!!

i think i want to gobble him up!!

i see you, jude!!

and where would any circus be without a ring-of-fire to jump through? so funny! i was laughing so hard i don’t know how i kept any sort of focus. i was definitely off on my distance for the lens, but hats off to robert and brody on this one!

our last hoo~rah was popcorn… everyone in the USofA was posting images of their kiddos making snow angels. though texas had an unseasonably cold winter, we didn’t see much snow. so i figured popcorn could give us the ground cover to make some of our own kind of angels at the circus. five pounds of corn and three hours of popping filled one large black trash bag… wish i had doubled that ~ but i think both brody and jude were overcome with their opportunity to hang out in the center of a pile of white stuff. and eat it too for that matter. this will end our affair on a hilltop in the country of texas. it was a shoot like no other i have done. hearts to this family!

thank you my dear friend, kim, for use of your beautiful land… thank you for the assist, dominique holmes… thank you leigha and dan taylor for hand spinning the cotton candy… thank you, my husband, for many trips to asels in dallas for cardboard and other things needed to create these props, for patience while i worked and designed this shoot during your precious few hours of home life on the weekends…

two lil’ tom sawyers ~

August 8, 2012

as i have come back to complete this blog i’m taking away my original words. it think i need to declare {first} that time is precious. we let it go by easily… the saying usually associated with money, “like water through our hands” is more appropriately applied in reference to time. all this just to say i photographed these boys one year ago. beth reminded me of this as she sat at the computer viewing her proofs. it stunned me as the image of tyce being where zayd is now and zayd being in a basket by the railroad tracks. a. year. ago. impossible. i didn’t choose the theme of this shoot based on the epiphany above, though i now know i see more through tom sawyer than i once did. he is representational of capturing childhood time ~ where we all wish things could stand still just a little bit longer. mark twain makes me smile. he accomplished that with stories of boys. maybe this shoot would have done him proud. i am convinced this shoot has value. for beth and trey. for zayd and tyce. for me.

which brings me to {second} learning that i am not a ‘mini’ session photographer. i was originally going to do three mini sessions with beth’s children, but switched to two normal well-developed sessions putting the boys together. this is my first storybook shoot. on this summer morning two little boys wandered a limestone road… without concern, without attitude or thought of the heat or of my being near ~ they worked hard at white-washing the picket fence, rested at the fishin’ hole and enjoyed their napsack lunch. the air wrapped them up in a delicious creamy~yellow light that came to a stand-still, poured over the tree tops and sparkled across the water. at the ages of 18 mths and 2 1/2 yrs, brothers zayd and tyce came into their moment in the likeness of ‘tom sawyer’. the cutest characters that ever walked out of a book! as i held the camera i thought ~ could i have asked for more? it was an abundant and good day. i am soul satisfied.