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this post will be a little different… weeks before our vacation to the east coast my husband brought me an article from an airline magazine (he spends a lot of time in the ‘air’ – between southwest and american). the article featured photographer, david orias. on his own study, he has come to capture light rising and setting on the crests of the waves. i am a film lover and though i’ve become knowledgeable in digital, to me, nothing compares. but david said that this ‘light’ is something film cannot do. that intrigued. i’ve never seen anything like it. so, i gave it a shot at sunrise on what became a very stormy day. i can see how a calmer, slower sea would be better – maybe. and certainly more skill. but that will come. i used my husband’s shoulder as my tripod (why did i forget to lug that down with us?? thank you love!).

sunday, as our pastor was praying, just praying about God’s grace, i caught something. i do not remember all of that prayer, but i do remember this because i wrote it down… he said maybe we would understand better “if grace were an ocean…” (jim hennesy). it seems true. so here is my first attempt of light on waves and posting of the visual (which i so often need) – GRACE.

original article featuring david orias: celebrated living, summer 2011, p56. you can view the real deal at thank you for visiting my blog!

A few new blogs… sweet! It is good to be posting again – I am so far behind my photo shoots. I’ve entered this under the general category of ‘FAMILY’ because it is actually – my family. Our 2011 vacation took place on the outerbanks of North Carolina! It is beautiful there – on the edge of the states. The color of the air during the evenings went from pink to soft blue. I felt we were wrapped all around with these pastels. Having the opportunity, I gave mini sessions to all daughters, nieces and nephews. You will see examples of couples, family groupings and individuals. This offered me close time and conversation that I would otherwise have missed. Vacations are chaotic, but when it came to being alone with just a few people at one time there was a pleasant settling and ability to focus on just who was at hand.

This will begin with my own daughters… oldest to youngest. Jordan dating Josh!

Jenna married Cash… almost 2 years ago!!

Isabel (more fondly, Louise) our youngest and high school senior

(niece) Katie married Ric. Their rambunctious sweeties are Catch and Miles…

(niece) Emily married Zach. They celebrated their 1st anniversary during this week…


(niece) Rachel married James. Caleb and Skylar complete them!


best laugh of the week!

(nephew) Ian asked Emily to marry him

(niece) Bess, completing her undergrad work this year!

(nephew) Daniel, who went m.i.a. for these beach photos, married Nicole! Then along came Aiden and Molly.