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August 2, 2011

yel-low adj 1. of the color of gold, butter, or ripe lemons (websters)
i love yellow. not as in whole rooms – but maybe that would depend on the design. it might be a danger-will-robinson for me to have an entire room of yellow. mostly, i love bits and pieces of it. ask my girls what my favorite cooking ingredient is and they will say without hesitation, lemon (and i’m not talking lemon bars here). favorite smell (outside of the wind and warm sun in their little girl hair) – lemon. i’ve heard yellow is the color of egocentrism. hogwash. i mean how can such a warm and embraceable color as yellow have an assignment of attitude and that being such a cold one? it is a color that dances and i somehow want to learn that yellow dance of surrender, happy and content. wait, did i just apply an attitude of my own egocentric wanting?



i’ve been studying some on intentionally blurring images. i do not have the very expensive singh-ray filter, so i am playing using the filters i already own. this field of sunflowers was promising not only for the yellow appeal, but the chance to do a little ‘slur’ work. you could be thinking this is really just a lucky mistake 😉

more yellow to come!