this family came into my life over ~ MILK! RaShell took on the responsibility of the raw milk co-op i’ve been part of for many years. we have become good friends and getting to love on her family has been the bonus! i hope what you can see conveyed through these images is the picture of a strong bond, which takes my mind straight to chemistry… the kind that are difficult to break. if you are a science person you can see the triple lines in your head. from top to bottom team Southerland is Jason, RaShell, Hannah, Daniel, Joshua, Ezra, Jonathan ~ Ezra grabbed my heart in some of these!! he loved the camera, or maybe the lady behind it ;}

jonathan was having a hard morning… fighting a cold, facing bright white sky light and then the wind was brutal on top of that. just before this last-last image, i was engaged with the older children playing on the boxcar, but out of the corner of my eye caught jason laying the baby down on the sidewalk for lack of another place to rebundle him!! rashell’s response to me later… “a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do”! LOVE IT! this was our final shot and one of my favorites. i love team southerland!

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