luke at home

February 3, 2014

“baby luke comes home” an altogether lovely ‘lifestyle’ shoot. both mama and daddy comforting their little sweetie ~ O my heart. dustin and ashley oozed tenderness toward each other and their son. luke was wrapped up in their arms, layers of their arms over him, over each other. and to top it off, he was wrapped in the purest organic cotton diapers and blankets ever. ok, so the organic envy was happening while behind the camera ~ drool! i think i touched every piece of it. enough said 😉

the privilege of a lifestyle shoot… documenting through the doorway to the most intimate place of a home. dustin and ashley together on their bed made a cocoon for luke to rest.

heading into an apartment in dallas i would not have guessed how illuminated the space could be!! infact, i was a little anxious about the light, but lucky me on this morning!

ashley cupped her hands around luke’s head almost as though recreating the womb’s soft cradling.

NOT to take away from this exquisite new life ~ but while you are gazing, check out the chair. it’s the real deal. a genuine eames rocker! those sharp and soft lines benefited this image.

in finishing this shoot, we touched on a little lineage factor. ashley lived her childhood out in alaska, so we decided a little ‘paul bunyon’ was necessary! so the snow and pines came out in their living room on a very hot end-of-summer dallas day.

dustin, ashley, luke… thank you for inviting me into your home! i know the apartment is just a momentary stop for you all. i can’t wait to see what will be in the house you restore! make sure the light is just as awesome! my love to the lauderdale family <3

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